CD and DVD Disc Label

Artwork needs to be within: 4-11/16” (4.688”) diameter

The artwork background (overall document size) needs to be: 5-3/16” (5.188”) x 5-3/16” (5.188”)

Allow background to flood the entire (square) document, including the hub.

This is for the bleed.

Thermal Print Hub: 1” diameter

Do NOT try to cut out the center hub for your labels. Simply bleed your background image through the center disc.

Do not place any text in the hub area. The same holds true for the outer edge of the disc.

Bleed your background image 1/4” out from what will be the finished edge of the disc.

It is okay to submit a square image to us, just be sure there is no text outside the finished edge of your disc.

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